Nadezda Evstyukhina Snatch Assistance Exercise

Meanwhile in Russia …

Nadezda Evstyukhina shows Snatch assistance exercise.

Looks like a warm-up exercise for her. She writes that it is useful for improving the Deep Squat Position during the catch, as well as overhead stability.

Note that even with her 135kg Snatch, she uses “only” 70kg (or 65 if that’s a women’s bar). So be reasonable when you try it yourself.

Not sure if there is a specific name for it. Let me know if there is (or make up a funny one in the comments).

Update: Your Name suggestions.

  • Igor writes: “Squats into Overhead Squats – not sure how else to call them. I’ve done them, and have seen other lifters in Soviet-inspired systems do them.”
  • Justin writes: “Squat Snatch Balances”
  • hilbilly on reddit writes: “Russian Snatch Balances”

Update: Olga Zubova calls itPush Press in Snatch Squat

Also check out Dmitry Klokov’s Snatch Overhead Stability exercise.

  • Justin

    Squat Snatch Balances

  • Ross

    I’ve always just seen them called non-heaving snatch balances.

  • Judah

    Looks kinda’ like a…….behindtheneckthrusterintosnatch. Closely related to the BTN Socks press.

  • Matt

    Snatch Balance Squat Jerk

  • Matt

    Actually it’s a:

    Squat Snatch Balance Squat Jerk, or just SSBSJ for short. Rolls off the tongue.

  • Baines

    This exercise is used by some as a warmup exercise. A lot of european lifters warm up with musclesnatches + snatchbalance/dropsnatch or squat+dropsnatch/just dropsnatches.

  • NoMan

    Do weightlifters wear ankle weights to help develop “fast feet”?

    I have seen other Russian lifters with what appears to be ankle weights on.

    • Gregor

      Never seen ankle weights on weightlifters. You might confuse it with knee sleeves that have been pulled down to the ankles.

  • Igor Belopolsky

    Gregor: This is a “better” way to do the snatch balances. The bar location is more akin to a real snatch.

  • Struan

    Zubova does them here at 3:38 with 100kg