Nick McKinless 185kg x20 Squat at 43

Meanwhile in Britain …

At age 43, ATG Reader, and 2006 Britain’s Strongest Man at 105kg – Nick McKinless – gets a lifetime goal of his.

185kg x20 Squat. Ouch!

Oh, and he is also a stuntman and a filmmaker (even though he filmed his squats in portrait mode…). Check out his website and his latest short film (disclaimer: contains plenty of violence).

More 20 Rep Squats: Karen Martirosyan Squats 200kg x20

In addition to that he also recently got an all time Squat PR with 250kg

  • D.

    Very impressive!

    • Nick McKinless Stunts

      Thanks D.

  • Everett

    That’s endurance! Is this high rep squat week on ATG? I like it.

  • Nick McKinless Stunts

    Thanks guys and Gregor…means a lot. Took me a while to get there but it was worth it! Hope you like action films too 😉

  • Irongame66


    • Nick McKinless Stunts

      Thanks Irongame66!!!

  • max

    incredible guts with a performance like that

    • Nick McKinless Stunts

      Thanks max…really appreciate you noticing the effort!

  • Leon

    Very impressive indeed. How did you prep for it and what is your best squat?

    • Gregor

      His best squat is the “all time Squat PR with 250kg” I embedded below the first video.

    • Nick McKinless Stunts

      Hi Leon…my blog will be back online VERY SOON (…I’m going to post all about the build up on there. My best squat with just a belt is 250kg, high bar, oly style.

  • Nick McKinless Stunts

    For anyone interested I post on Twitter as @nickmckinless and FB as Nick McKinless Stunts. Train hard!!!