Nike Romaleos 2 vs. Adidas Power Perfect II

Danny Nemani reviews the Nike Romaleos 2 and compares them to the Adidas Power Perfect II.

Of course shoe reviews depend a lot on foot size and shape. What’s  good for Danny might not feel right for you.

But he concludes that the Nike Romaleos 2 have:

  • reduced knee and hip wobble / ankle lateral wobble
  • increased stability in pull and push

So he gave them a 9/10 on the Nemani scale.

Also, check out Danny’s YouTube Channel and subscribe if you like  big lifts.

  • Adam

    I have never tried the Romaleos but am very happy with the power perfect 2’s. The Romaleoes are also ~ double the price!

    • GregorATG

      Yeah the price is hefty. That is why I would buy past years models of shoes.

  • John Frough

    I thought the power perfect was the powerlifting shoe from Adidas. Hardly a fair comparison when it’s up against an o-lift shoe.

  • Ghosthalo2

    Ill stick with my cheap do-win oly shoes I got years ago I feel they are all pretty much the same and if you don’t care about style get the cheapest one you can. 

    • GregorATG

      And why not. If it works, it works.

      I got lucky and got some Adistars of ebay for €30 a while back and I think these will last forever.