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Weightlifting Shoes with Extra Elevated Heels

Turns out I am not the only one with super poor ankle flexibility.

Look at the heels in this photo below of Su Dajin. Thanks to Kari Kinnunen a.k.a. Wonderlifter for letting me post it here.

That looks like it’s about the same heel elevation I need at the moment (I squat with oly shoes + heels on small plates because of poor ankle flexibility).

Now where can I get these add ons? Does anybody of you use something similar?

Update: Stuart tweeted

I put 1cm cork heel inserts in my oly shoes have worked wonders! £5 on amazon!

Dee tweeted

I used to raise my heels with proheel orthotic inserts inside my shoes obtained cheaply from a physio shop… it worked well for a while but long term, I found it more beneficial for my lifting to improve my ankle flexibility.

Update: Rogue Has those Inov8 Heel Raisers in Stock. Might be worth a try.

Su Dajin Nike Romaleos Heels

Via Pendlay Forum

Update: Here is a close up photo.

Update: Lots of elevated heels have been spotted at the 2013 Worlds. See for example Bahador Moulaei’s shoes here.

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