Proper Powerlifting Bench Press Technique

You may remember Shane Sweatt and Laura Phelps-Sweatt from the Bamboo Bench Press video.
Here they are explaining the proper powerlifting style bench press.


  • shoulders pressed back, shoulder blades tight together
  • don’t start with the weight too far back
  • feet wide, pushing in the groung, spreading the floor, flex glutes
  • have a little arch in your back
  • leave the head on the bench, don’t cave in
  • on the way down, “break” the bar (external rotation = more torque)
  • on the way up, “spread” the bar for optimal triceps activation
  • straight bar path
  • uneven extension (one side comes up faster) – not “stretching” the bar enough

Also check out How to Bench Press by the Diesel Crew.

  • glen

    great article

  • Zachary Wheeler

    This is very good advice. I will have to put this into practice tomorrow and see if it will make it easier to bench 300 for a triple.

  • ptm

    this technique is good for the raw presser too????

  • phil a buster

    blaha says bench in a j path..not straight