Push Press Tutorial

Alright bawbags, if ya cannae push press right here’s a quality wee video, ya ken aye?

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Marc Keys started to publish tutorial videos on his in which he talks you through the important points of our favorite exercises.

See his Back Squat video here & Bench Press here.

Here are his thoughts on the Push Press.

Update: Discussion on Reddit.


  • rack the bar properly on your shoulders for maximal power transfer
  • weight on heels
  • head up, slightly back
  • knees hips almost hyper extended
  • elbows up
  • keep the drive short and sharp
  • think driving the bar behind your head
  • when the bar passes eyes level, press it; “Think legs, then arms.”

Want to see a huge Push Press? Check out Igor Lukanin’s 215kg Push Press right here.

Thanks to Phil for submitting.

  • Glenn McElfresh

    I like to push as soon as I start my drive. I think telling yourself Legs then arms is a good way to mess with timing because most normal human can’t turn muscles on quickly enough to avoid some sort gap where the arms aren’t quite on and the legs are off. Also known as a stall. Another point is on a jerk you should push yourself under/punch through the whole lift, so I think it would be best too cue something similar to that. My .02.