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Ray Williams 410.5kg Squat

Huge Squat from Ray Williams (subscribe to his channel).

Here he does a 410.5kg (905 lbs) Squat, raw, no wraps, in the USAPL/IPF.

The sad thing is, he forgets to wait for the rack command, so he gets redlighted.

Update: Everett provided some background information on Ray.

I’ve been keeping tabs on Ray since I competed with him in October. At the same meet where I squatted 261@82.5, I noticed only one person was opening higher than I was on squats: Ray Williams.

He opened at 600/272.5: walked the weight out and squatted down, and paused for about a full second in the hole, and then blasted the weight up.

He then called for 700/318 on his second, and it was a repeat of the first–a paused rep. I noticed his wraps were so loose that they barely stayed on his legs.

He then called for 800/363 on his third, and though he didn’t pause it, still blasted it up with speed.

That was in October.

Now he has lost the wraps (not that they ever added anything), gone to the USAPL, and is squatting 100 lbs more.

I also find it impressive that he has moved to the USAPL because they have the most stringent judging of any fed out there, bordering on insanity at times. I’ve seen oly lifters who wouldn’t get their squats passed int the USAPL.

As far as I know he is quite new to Powerlifting, although he has obviously grown up in a weight room. He is only 26 years old, which is pretty young in the PL realm.

I could be wrong, but I think that meet in October may be the first meet he has ever done [speculation].

He certainly had trouble waiting for the rack commands at that meet as well, but it wasn’t as much of a problem because of the monolift (In feds with a mono, the rack command is somewhat of a technicality for obvious reasons.).

He is a strength coach for the football team at a relatively small community college in Mississippi.

Update 2: Article about him “Cornbread and Buttermilk”.

Update 3: 70’s Big has a little interview with him.

Here is his 390kg attempt which counted.

Thanks to Everett for submitting.

Update: At the 2013 USAPL Raw Nationals he got 400kg, but missed 410kg

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