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Rebeka Koha & Ritvars Suharevs Bundesliga Weekend Part 2 – 8 AM Morning Session

Here is Part 2 of the Bundesliga Weekend with Rebeka Koha & Ritvars Suharevs.

After the Friday evening session in Part 1 here, this video picks up the next day at 8:00 AM for a light pre-breakfast morning session.

Don’t forget that later that day they were set to compete! So this was just a light session to wake the body up.


This was followed by the obligatory ab & back work, as well as some light Military Presses and Lat Pull Downs.

Add in some massage and stretching, and we are looking at no more than 40 minutes total training time.

You will also learn that Ritvars started at the age of 6! He is from Dobele, the city where Viktors Ščerbatihs is from. Of course at this young age this training didn’t look like it does today. Coach Eduards Andruskevics explains that at age 13 they began to ramp up his training and got more serious about it.

Rebeka started at age 12, after she saw saw one of her classmates weightlift. That’s when she met the coach.

When I asked him about whether he saw early if Rebeka & Ritvars had talents for the sport, Mr. Andruskevics said yes, they showed characteristics that are favorable for weightlifting.

Some of the characteristics he looks for are:

If you have all that, he said:

It’s only work and the results go up.

And work they do!

Update: Watch Part 3 with all the Competition Snatches!

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