Reverse Muscle Up Training with Boxes

Jim from shows some of his Reverse Muscle-up aka ‘Elevator’ training.

I like the idea of using two boxes (instead of unstable rings) to learn this.

A beastly upper body Pull / Push exercise.

  • Daniel Jørgensen

    Indeed evil strong move, but not gonna give him the move for rings. Fr the rings, I believe it would be better to Felge…
     (However, I think it’s cooler in the non-ring edition)

    • GregorATG

      He will be doing it on rings very soon I guess.

  • Jin Bathurst

    Thanks for the mention! I’ve started working this as another progression past the regular handstand pushups (I’ve also started with the “Bowers”, as you can see on my youtube channel).
    A ways from the rings, but it’s a workable drill. Also, there’s no set of rings available to me right now where I’d even think of doing the Felge.

    • GregorATG

      Always enjoy seeing your updates and progress. Bowers are looking good.

      How about this as a long term goal ?

      • Jim Bathurst

        Awesome pressing skills! I can do that … if I fold my body into a tight pike!

  • Jim Bathurst

    whoops, my name is “Jim”, not “Jin”.