Russian Squat Routine Spreadsheet Calculator *Update* Masters Routine Added

Russian Squat Dench Press Deadlift Powerlifting Routine Spreadsheet
Many of you probably ran the Russian Squat Routine before.

Reader Soiren informed me that there is also version which includes programming for Bench and Deadlift.

Update: I included another sheet that generates the “Masters” version of the Russian Squat Routine.


  • Link to Google Docs
  • choose File – ‘Make a Copy’ or ‘Download as’ (xlsx for excel for example)

Share your experiences with the program (or just the Squat part) in the comments.


It consists of 18 training sessions. During the first 9 sessions the weight is being held constant and the volume is increased. In sessions 10-18 the volume is reduced and the intensity is slowly ramped up.

The original squat program article says that you should do 105% of your entry max at the end. As you can see above, Soiren’s template asks for 110%. To change it, simply replace “1.1” with “1.05” in week 6, day 2 & 3.

Here is the article describing the masters version.

As always, programs are just a starting point. Adjust them to your needs.

Feel free to run the program for just one of the exercises. For example do only the Squat part (like Mart Seim did for his 350kg Squat).

About the Back Extensions:

We are not sure what the notation means for them. My guess is “Pick something challenging for day 1. Then add 5kg to that on day 6, another 5kg on day 11 and 2 more kg on day 16”.

Other Notes:

  • Notation is Weight x Reps x Sets
  • Works in kg and lbs
  • Printer Friendly Layout
  • Should you fail the 6th (x5 x6) or 8th (x6 x6) Squat workout it is recommended that you start week 2 over

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  • Andy

    Sorry to say but the squat programme doesn’t have a corresponding deadlift part. It is however meant to be part of a weightlifting programme in the preparation phase. The paper the programme comes from is on sportinvy press

    Not to say the deadlift extra won’t work. But it’s someone else’s addition.

    • Gregor

      Yep, I changed the “it is part of a powerlifting program” shortly after posting it.

  • Ouch

    Surely that is too much. There is no way you can follow that volume and intensity on both squats and deads at the same time without ‘supplements’. Even then, you’d fry your central nervous system. And when attempting a period of concentrated loading, the blocks shouldn’t be longer than 3/4 weeks max.

    • Phil

      It is in fact too much. I tried it. I was injured by week 4. HOWEVER. I will soon try again, basing my numbers off 90% of my maxes.

      • Gregor

        Smart choice

  • IlPrincipeBrutto

    Does anyone have any idea if the program (just the squat part) works for the Press?
    Any opinion on this (apart from the obvious ‘try it and report back’ of course) ?

    • Mr_Rogers413

      I say try it. My press really took off when I added a ton of volume and pressing movements to my GPP circuits.

      I did the squat portion at the start of the year. It was hellish, but manageable.

      • IlPrincipeBrutto

        Thank you Mr_Rogers413, much appreciated.

        • Mr_Rogers413

          No problem. I generally do push presses as my press supplemental lift (after bench press) and then later in the week I do OHP. At the end of every session I do GPP circuits to get more volume in (upper body circuits on Bench and Press days) so things like dumbbell presses, dips, Klovkov presses, curls, tricep ext, etc are what I used. If I’m not mistaken you’re on the startingstrength boards? If so my log is in general training if you’re looking for examples.

          • IlPrincipebrutto

            >> If I’m not mistaken you’re on the startingstrength boards?
            Wow, I didn’t imagine I was that famous!
            Yes, I am a member there, although these days I just lurk in the E&P section.
            I used to keep a log, but I stopped doing that because of time constraints.
            Thanks again for the tip, I’ll have a look at your log as soon as I can.

  • enoc

    is the first nuber the percentage of your max

  • digralde

    I have done the squat part plus 3 x times a week deficit SLDL 5×5 (fairly light) and 3 x benching (as heavy as I could). The first time through it got my squat from 280kg to 290kg. Tried it again after week of rest or so and burned out when I got to the 95% 3×3 part. Squat went down to 270kg and took me while to get back up again. No “supplements” used.

    So it works but it might just be too much if you dont rest/regenerate properly. Also, probably too much to just run it again and again.

  • RW

    Maybe this would work better if ran in a similar fashion to the “Russian Squat Masters’ Routine” i.e. just do two sessions per week rather than three? I’ve ran RSMR as part of a 3/4 day per week programme very successfully.

  • behind_the_neck

    relevant – 1985 article by fred hatfield about his trip to russia and this routine

    • Ennis

      Great article

  • Nikolai

    I just started the program and I have a question : instead of doing 6 sets of 6 reps can I do 12 sets of 3 reps? It is the same volume and it`s easier for me.

  • Haron

    I’m currently doing this for the benchpress and everything is going great. I was wondering if I can hit the 110% of max easy what program would be wise to run after this? Or how could I continue with this program?

    • Gregor

      Good question, maybe try one of Sheyko’s Bench Press programs.

  • Chris Hackleman

    Sorry for the silly question, but on day one when it says 80x2x6 is that 2 sets of 6 or 6 sets of 2?

    • Gregor

      As it says in the post the notation is Weight x Reps x Sets.

      So 80x2x6 means 80kg x 2 reps for 6 sets

      • Chris Hackleman

        Ah i missed that my bad, thanks!

  • Ron

    What are the rest periods between sets for this program..

    • Gregor

      No set prescription

      • Ron

        I ask because after doing the squats first with 80%, even with 5 min rest..I found myself tanking starting on bench. I know it can all be done…just trying to figure out rest

  • Martin

    I think this article deserves a small warning or at least a heads up. Since the program was done for getting your squat up, it is advised not to do any other (hard) low back work. Also this is not a long term program.
    The program the author post here involves dead lifting 3 times per week with the same volume as the squat routine. If you expect to make improvements in you lifts I think you won’t be doing it natural. Maybe it is not known to everybody but dead lifts kill your CNS especially if you combine them with squats 3 times per week on the same days. I think this is not a good choice unless you want to risk spinal injury.

    Just so I can back up my statements above. If you take the Sheiko routine (high volume & quite sophisticated routine coming from a well know PL trainer) for example you will see that the dead lift is done only once per week. There is a reason for that.