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Russian Squat Routine Spreadsheet Calculator *Update* Masters Routine Added

Many of you probably ran the Russian Squat Routine before.

Russian Squat Dench Press Deadlift Powerlifting Routine Spreadsheet

Reader Soiren informed me that there is also version which includes programming for Bench and Deadlift.

Update: I included another sheet that generates the “Masters” version of the Russian Squat Routine.



Share your experiences with the program (or just the Squat part) in the comments.


It consists of 18 training sessions. During the first 9 sessions the weight is being held constant and the volume is increased. In sessions 10-18 the volume is reduced and the intensity is slowly ramped up.

The original squat program article says that you should do 105% of your entry max at the end. As you can see above, Soiren’s template asks for 110%. To change it, simply replace “1.1” with “1.05” in week 6, day 2 & 3.

Here is the article describing the masters version.

As always, programs are just a starting point. Adjust them to your needs.

Feel free to run the program for just one of the exercises. For example do only the Squat part (like Mart Seim did for his 350kg Squat).

About the Back Extensions:

We are not sure what the notation means for them. My guess is “Pick something challenging for day 1. Then add 5kg to that on day 6, another 5kg on day 11 and 2 more kg on day 16”.

Other Notes:

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