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Snatch without Hook Grip and Foot Movement

Over at Cal Strentgh the guys are trying something new for their snatches.

An exercise we got from Zygmunt (Smalcerz), snatching with no hook grip and with no foot movement.

And over at his forum Glenn Pendlay goes into a bit more detail:

The lack of a hook grip eliminates the use of any “jerkyness” and assures smooth acceleration during the pull, and the lack of foot movement and intent to keep the ball of the foot planted on the ground means you have to start pulling under IMMEDIATELY after extension, or even a bit before full extension.

The result is a smooth pull and a FAST descent under the bar. This exercise has a very positive influence on the snatches of some athletes here, and I encourage everyone to try it.

We now do it twice a week, once heavy, and once as a warmup for regular snatching.

And here is Coach Zygmunt demonstrating the same thing.

Snatch without Hook Grip and Foot Movement is a post by Gregor Winter from All Things Gym.