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Tatiana Kashirina & Coach Interview

Here is an Interview with Tatiana Kashirina & her Coach, Vladimir Stanislavovich Krasnov.

Rashid Itsaev from YouRaiseRussia visited them in their gym.

Big thanks to ATG reader Sergiy Turchyn for providing the translations & summary.

Make sure to watch both video at the bottom of this post.

First Video: Good Mornings, Close Stance Squats, Clean Pulls


From the Coach:

On Tatiana as a Beginner:

On Tatiana’s Programming:

On Close Stance Squats [at 8:40]:

On Static Exercises:


On Recovery:

On Stretching [see 2nd video below at 01:00 & 21:00]:

On Early Arm Bents:

2 days before a competition we train and train heavyOn Training Before Competitions:

On Joint Pain:


Be calm with any weightOn Mental Preparation:

On Competing Often:

From Tatiana:

On Good Mornings:

On the next Competition:

On Avoiding Hitting the Bar too Forward during the Second Pull:


On the Popularity of Weightlifting:

We have a problem with that in Russia. Not enough people come to do weightlifting.

Firstly, they should show the sport on TV like they used to.

At least talk about it being healthy, right?

Well, at least tell the truth.

After the Olympics, random people, like one adult woman, said to me: “I didn’t like sports before. My husband made me watch weightlifting (“Sit here and watch this sport.”), I watched and fell in love with it. It is so beautiful and graceful. You have to do it (lift the barbell) so technically well…”

Secondly, doctors play a big role.

A child comes: “I need a permit to play sports.

Doctor: What sport?
Child: Weightlifting.
Doctor: Never! No way! It will stunt your growth!


I had such a funny story once. Everybody laughs at it all the time.

During my school years, one woman was behind me on the stairs and saw hooks in my back. Hooks. And she told everyone in my school that I have hooks in my back because I am all injured. That they put some hooks in my back, so that I can lift at least something. It was so funny. Then this rumor started spreading throughout the school. Then I learned about this (I rarely went to classes in high school) and it was so funny.

Some people actually believed it.

Doctors, in their turn, always say, “You will be all injured, don’t do weightlifting”. What do they think? They think that a child comes to the gym for the first time and they will be instantly given 150 kg and injure himself.

The child won’t even lift it from one side.

I started with a stick while the coach showed me the technique, developed coordination. I happened to succeed and get good results early. Talent, maybe. I don’t want to praise myself.

When a child comes to a weightlifting club, they do GPP, work with a stick, develop coordination and technique. Then it depends on child’s abilities. They can work with this stick for 2 years. Maybe, the child is talented. Each child has its own limit.

One will lift 100 kg in 2 years, another will lift 40 kg in the same amount of time. Each person is different. It applies to everyone everywhere. There is a specific talent and limit in each field. Unfortunately, parents listen too much.

I wish that parents were calmer about their girls and boys doing weightlifting.

On People’s Attitude to her Training when She Started:


When I started, my parents tried to make me stop. My coach had to come take me from my parents.

Neighbors told my parents that “She will never give birth, she will be too big, she will become a man.” What could an 11 year old child do? Of course, my parents decided everything and tried to make me stop. At first my coach came [home] to take me back, then I decided that I want to do weightlifting, no matter what others say.

Classmates used to say: “You will become huge!”

They have no idea what they say. Young children probably naturally call each other names, joke at them. I did not pay attention at that.

Today these classmates are like “Oh, hey, Tanya! How are you? You are so awesome!” Don’t listen to all that. People are different, they can say whatever they want. It is important to hold your own opinion.
I have a very strong character because of the sport
To all parents: if a child wants to do weightlifting, it does not matter if they will become champions or not, they will be athletes, clearly knowing what to strive for. Sport trains your character, definitely. I have a very strong character because of the sport.

On her Future:

Everyone is different. Not everybody will become a champion. Everyone has their own limits everywhere, not only in sport. I think everything depends on genetics: strength… Everyone has their own category, so to speak. This is my opinion.

Second Video: Warm-up, Technique with the Bar, Stretching


From the Coach:

On the Need to Record Volume and Intensity:

For novices it is important to record and analyze everything.

On Ilya Jumping Back:

On Weight Classes:

From Tatiana:

Best lifts:

On Mental Preparation before a Big Lift:

On Times when She Wants to Quit:

On Worlds 2013:

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