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The Artist and the Olympian Kickstarter Project

Here is a Kickstarter project that needs some backing.

The Artist and the Olympian

Glenn Pendlay says the following about it:

There is a feature length film being made right now about weightlifting, it is called “The artist and the Olympian”. I have worked pretty closely with the producer and the guy who wrote the script. The “short” is being shot in Philadelphia late this summer, starring none other than Donny Shankle. There is some hope to get him cast as the main character when the actual film is produced.
the movie is actually loosely based on Donny’s life. It is actually a really, really, really good script. Think “the wrestler” and “drive” kind of, but based on weightlifting.

The Artist and the Olympian Kickstarter Project is a post by Gregor Winter from All Things Gym.