The Klokov CrossFit WODs

Some conditioning from Dmitry Klokov.

Joke or not, it is fun to watch.

10 rounds for time aesthetics.

  • 1 Behind the Neck Pull Up
  • 1 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Press (110kg)

Any takers?

Translation of his comment on the video.

I do Presses and Pulls every day (in another comment he said, he does pull ups once a week). Squats and other exercises when I feel like it or when necessary.

I do these exercises to work on my basic (foundational) strength… and to address crossfit, I think after the World championships I will have time for that.

Next he does some heavy Thrusters with 155kg.

In the beginning of the video he says:

That’s my trainer. He won’t understand what the fuck I’m doing, only our American friends will understand this”

And at the end he says:

If anyone can do it, reply with a video

  • Oleg Mostepan

    Dima wait for a video from the one who will do it :)

  • Ask

    Why does he always use the left foot forward?

    • Bona

      It’s a habit he said

  • Soap

    Ask him where I can get that tank, awesome shirt! Oh yea, and his lifting is pretty cool. Lulz!

  • jake

    i love how the trainer watches the whole thing, and at the end, goes, “so what does that do? what?”

  • Rob


  • mrtn

    every day those heavy pulls (with rounded back)…what an unbelievable physique to survive that.

    • jake

      i have to agree! i’ve accepted his superhuman shoulder capsules, but i’m still getting my mind blown by his spinal ability. genetics!!!

      • Bear40

        his back isn’t rounded….those are just frickin’ huge spinal erectors!! Look at Chad Vaughn, any of the Chinese lifters, really any elite lifter and you’ll see them!!

  • somerandomguy

    as an aside, in the comments he noted his best back squat was 320kg!!

  • ddash killa

    klokov, the ultimate crossfit troll. we all want to see that 320 kg back squat by mr dmitry

  • robert marlley

    “after the World Championships”
    now thats funny!

  • Weightliftinghero

    In all honesty how do you think he would do at a crossfit event? I know olympic lifting is the most important movement for those events along with decent endurance. I imagine endurance would be a big issue considering he trains for max power though.

    • Gregor

      I have to disagree with “olympic lifting is the most important movement for those events”. Yes there have been events like clean ladder or establish a max snatch, but the vast majority was other stuff.

      • JRut

        Agreed. Olympic lifting is a side-bar in crossfit. And it’s very uncommon to see muscular crossfitters over 225 lbs do anything but bring up the rear. Most of the workouts are extreme volume, high endurance, aerobic circuits with running and gymnastics. He’d be awful, as most power athletes would be awful. Is he trolling or setting up a cash grab like many of the US olympic lifters by loosely associating with crossfit (Burgener, Vaughn, North, Farris)? Follow the money.

        • R

          I don’t know, he’s pretty damn athletic. If he actually TRAINED for CrossFit, his bodyweight would probably take care of itself and I could see him going very far. This is coming from a competitive CrossFitter

          • JRutt

            The guy who snatched 450 lbs is pretty athletic?

          • Turd Ferguson

            If he trained for it he would wipe out their record book and only be beaten by other converted world class lifters.