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The Klokov CrossFit WODs

Some conditioning from Dmitry Klokov.

Joke or not, it is fun to watch.

10 rounds for time aesthetics.

Any takers?


Translation of his comment on the video.

I do Presses and Pulls every day (in another comment he said, he does pull ups once a week). Squats and other exercises when I feel like it or when necessary.

I do these exercises to work on my basic (foundational) strength… and to address crossfit, I think after the World championships I will have time for that.

Next he does some heavy Thrusters with 155kg.

In the beginning of the video he says:

That’s my trainer. He won’t understand what the fuck I’m doing, only our American friends will understand this”

And at the end he says:

If anyone can do it, reply with a video

The Klokov CrossFit WODs is a post by Gregor Winter from All Things Gym.