Vasiliy Polovnikov 300kg x3 Clean Pulls

Meanwhile in the US…

And another nice display of Vasiliy Polovnikov’s brute strength.

Clean Pulls with 300kg.

When they were guests on the Wodcast Podcast again and were asked about most common issue they encounter in their seminar they answered:

People are too weak. Have too strong upper bodies, weak lower body and lower back.

Watch Vasiliy’s 200kg Snatch here and read His Interview on ATG.

More lifts from his Seminars:

Update: 190kg Snatch [Side View here]

  • wilbur

    What’s the Dog’s name?

    • Brian Tabor

      I was distracted by the petting of the woofer too. haha

  • Wally Broccoli

    Vas is one of the men you probably don’t want to get into a fight with. The 300kg clean pulls just shows his brute strength.