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Victor Conte on Joe Rogan Experience

Here is an interesting listen if you are interested in performance enhancing drugs.

Victor Conte was guest on the Joe Rogan Experience #277.

Topic: Doping in various sports (starts at around 8:00)

If you don’t know Victor Conte, here is an excerpt from his Wikipedia entry:

he entered guilty pleas in July 2005 to one count of conspiracy to distribute steroids and a second count of laundering a portion of a check, he was sentenced in October to spend four months in prison and another four on house arrest.

In December 2004, he participated in an interview with Martin Bashir on ABC’s 20/20 program, where he admitted to running doping programs, which have broken Olympic records, as well as revealing that: “The whole history of the games is just full of corruption, cover-up, performance-enhancing drug use.”

More: Victor Conte news items on the BBC

Download Audio: link to mp3 (120mb, right click + ‘save as’)

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