Weight x Reps Workout Tracker

(Originally posted Nov 8, 2013)


Check out Weight x Reps,  hands down the best online workout tracker.


  • track any exercise
  • calculates statistics, PR history, charts, overall volume per exercise, intensity
  • no silly points
  • straight forward input notation with auto completion

Cons: No data export option. I asked the developer and he said that data export export is planned for the future.

Update 19.01.2014:

  • The data export feature has been added for people who make a donation to the service.
  • New Feature: follow people’s training logs and comment on them

Price: Free, the service depends on your donations.



Here is an Example of a logged workout:

weightxreps sample workout


Don’t want to use an external service? Use a simple Google Spreadsheet.

  • Anony1

    This is a great app

  • Vanz

    Used weightxreps for ages now, surprised more people aren’t on to it. Really aesthetically pleasing way to view progression as well.

  • steve

    what does EFF and INT stand for?

    • http://www.allthingsgym.com/ Gregor

      INT is Intensity. EFF is Efficiency

      100% EFF = your heaviest estimated 1RM.
      100% INT = the heaviest weight you ever lifted.

      For more info send Pablo (the developer) a message. This is his profile http://weightxreps.net/journal/tlast2o12dude

      • steve

        awesome thanks. I was trying to search around the site for the information.
        The first day I logged my workout.. i thought it was a pain in the ass… but after two or three days of using it, I am completely sold! Love the layout