Weightlifting Talk Ep. 5 – First Meet, Back Workout, Accessory Lifts

On Weightlifting Talk Episode 5 Donny Shankle and Jon North had Glenn Pendlay on again.

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Advice for the First Meet (share yours in the comments):

  • have fun
  • get yourself a game plan (plan attempts) beforehand, and don’t change it
  • try not to let good or bad warm up attempts change your mind
  • after you get done snatching, sit down, get off your legs
  • don’t worry about weight classes

Donny Shankle’s Back Workout [59:00]:

(BTW, I love how Donny talks about exercises like some people talk about wine. A true connoisseur.)

Other topics

[01:14:00] , the the role of accessory lifts.

  • variations of lifts aren’t always done to add something but also to take something away
  • have special reasons for each exercise
  • http://twitter.com/danomyte2014 Danny Nemani

    Advice for first meet – after the presentation of athletes, stay on the platform and perform a snatch with the bar and find your focus point.  You might feel awkward doing it but it will help calm any nerves you may have.  Have fun too :)

    • GregorATG

      This is a sneaky one. Like it!

  • Guest

    I like the updated design of the comments section now. It’s very sleek and less clunky! Two things about this podcast; I quite enjoyed it until the part where Jon North said Donny beat Klokov. Yes he lifted more weight but the contest was judged by sinclair; in which Klokov won and took home the bacon. I’m astounded that Glenn or Shankle didn’t correct him – it would be most humble if he did. Two; the thing about fish oil – 1g capsule of fish oil is 9 calories…just something you might want to take into account.

    • GregorATG

      I think Jon wasn’t that serious about Donny beating Klokov. It was meant as a pat on the back for Donny.