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Dmitry Klokov CrossFit Workout Isabel *Update:* 105kg in 3:35

Update 13.04.2014: Meanwhile in Iceland …

Dmitry Klokov visited CrossFit Reykjavik for a seminar. Together with former Crossfit games champion Annie Thorisdottir he gave the Crossfit benchmark workout “Isabel” another go.

30 reps “Ground to Overhead” (this time he chose Power Snatches) for time with 105kg in 3:35.

Update 01.03.2014: Meanwhile at a Klokov Seminar in London…


Dmitry Klokov gave the Isabel workout with 100kg x30 (full snatches) a go.

Took him 5:47 (after missing the 30th Snatch at first). Rich Froning did the same thing in 6:09 [Video].

The day after he snatched 190kg again [Video]!

(Originally posted Sep 13,2013)

Meanwhile in Russia …

Many of you wanted to see it and now it happened.

Dmitry Klokov has dabbled with CrossFit-ish workouts before, but here he is doing a full blown CrossFit workout Reebok CrossFit Baza in Moscow.

Update 05.01.2014: Dmitry gave Isabel a go. Forgets the last rep. Still 1:11 is not too shabby for a 108-ish kg guy.


He does 3 rounds of a workout called “DT” (which originally calls for 5 rounds) with 70kg.

Update: Translation from Genus.

When he first sits down and then lays down he says “now this is the classic CrossFit post workout pose”, then the cameraman says, “this is Dmitry Klokov after CrossFit”, then he Klokov cuts him off and says “Only 70 kilos (and points to the bar) then he gives a thumbs up and says “great sport” referring to CrossFit, then says “this took me by surprise (the workout)” Then the camera goes to the dude in the yellow shirt and he says “This workout is done for 5 rounds usually.” And Klokov says: Not today but (points his finger) in about 1.5 years I’ll drop 20 kilos and do this workout”

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Update: He also did his usual heavy Deadlifts there

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