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2013 World Weightlifting Championships

2013 World Weightlifting Championships.

This was the 2013 World Weightlifting Championships Resource page.

Thanks to everybody who joined chat. It was great fun as always.

Event Hashtag: #2013wwc.

World Records


Good quality recordings in Russian are here.

Worlds News Updates

Update 30.10.2013:

Update 28.10.2013:

Update 27.10.2013:

Update 26.10.2013: Andrei Aramnau decided that he will not start at worlds. (via)

Update 25.10.2013: Quick Aramnau Interview from the 21st October.

Update 22.10.2013:

Update 21.10.2013:

Update 16.10.2013:

Update 15.10.2013: Klokov on why he is not on the team.

Update 15.10.2013:

Update 13.10.2013:

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