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Dorian Yates on His Steroid Use

First time I heard him talk about it so openly (even though he said he wrote it all down in MD before).

At his peak (140kg bodyweight) he took 1000mg testosterone, either 500mg of deca-durabolin OR boldenone (equipoise) and 50mg (daily) dianabol. No GH.

Update: Thanks to M in comments who pointed out that he took 8 units of GH per day when he was a professional (mentioned at around 8:00 in part 2).

If you listen to part II of the same seminar (from the same uploader on Youtube), at around the 8 minute mark Dorian specifically says that he was using around  In part 4, he was simply saying that he did not understand the interpreter when she tried to translate the term GH, not that he did ont use it.

Just posting this because there are so many of his supposedly cycles floating around online.

Is this all he took? Who knows. But why should he be lying when he is already speaking so openly about it (Yes, I know that he wants to sell his own supplements, but still…)?

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