Dorian Yates on His Steroid Use

First time I heard him talk about it so openly (even though he said he wrote it all down in MD before).

At his peak (140kg bodyweight) he took 1000mg testosterone, either 500mg of deca-durabolin OR boldenone (equipoise) and 50mg (daily) dianabol. No GH.

Update: Thanks to M in comments who pointed out that he took 8 units of GH per day when he was a professional (mentioned at around 8:00 in part 2).

If you listen to part II of the same seminar (from the same uploader on Youtube), at around the 8 minute mark Dorian specifically says that he was using around  In part 4, he was simply saying that he did not understand the interpreter when she tried to translate the term GH, not that he did ont use it.

Just posting this because there are so many of his supposedly cycles floating around online.

Is this all he took? Who knows. But why should he be lying when he is already speaking so openly about it (Yes, I know that he wants to sell his own supplements, but still…)?

  • Slimjim

    Dorian is my fav bodybuilder. In contrast to most pros hes not bullshitting and I believe him (although judging by his physique Im not sure about the GH)

    • steven

      yep, i was thinking the same thing. He probably doesn’t want people to know about the GH
      because it’s dangerous.

      • bell end

        And you think injecting yourself with test and decca isn’t dangerous, it is dangerous espicially if you do not know what you are doing.

        Even when you do not know what your doing you dont know how it is affecting your heart, liver and kidneys.

        • steven

          i talked with a competitive bb a while ago (when i was still bb-ding) and he told stories
          about GH you don’t wanna know. If you talk with someone ‘ in the environment ‘
          you get a clear view about such things.

          • Johnny

            Okay, now I do want to know these stories. You can’t just leave us hanging like that!

          • steven

            just the regular stuff, tumors, cancer and early death. Mostly in the amateur region.
            I’m not bashing on roids (absolutely not) but slin and GH are just a huge risk to take.

    • GregorATG

      Fixed the GH comment, Thanks to commenter M.

  • burningbeard

    GH isn’t that beneficial for hypertrophy and strength. Recent studies have confirmed this. The “dangerous” parts of bodybuilding drug cocktails are the insulin and stimulants. Steroids won’t kill you (directly). Screw up insulin or clen, and you’ll be dead in hours without emergency treatment.

    • zoom

      Tren could be dangerous. Users with trenbolone experience shortness of breath, regular coughing,
      horrible nightsweats and insomnia… some people argue that regardless
      of blood work, trenbolone will fuck your heart and lunges and is
      dangerous no matter what. Think of what its used for It’s a drug given to cattle to improve feed efficiency before slaughter,
      and a LOT of money and time was put into researching for this as feed
      efficiency can turn a marginal profit into a huge profit with cattle.
      Feed efficiency = the most lean body mass possible from excess calories
      consumed). Yet people don’t care and will use it because it works.

      • Anon

        I don’t do lunges but I need my heart

  • Joe

    Great find

  • Daniel Jørgensen

    Or maybe his doesn’t understand what the dude is saying…

  • M

    Gregor, the part about Dorian not using GH is not true. If you listen to part II of the same seminar (from the same uploader on Youtube), at around the 8 minute mark Dorian specifically says that he was using around 8 units of GH per day when he was a professional. In part 4, he was simply saying that he did not understand the interpreter when she tried to translate the term GH, not that he did ont use it.

    • GregorATG

      Thanks for pointing this out M.

  • sporting

    I’m no expert but these doses seem very low compared to ‘other bodybuilders’? Although the latter is not direct source just a guy who knows a guy saying so. Many self reported recreational users are well over 1gram as well. Perhaps he’s not truthful about the entire dosage or he was able to win 6x olympia using less drugs than many gym rats?

    • zoom

      More does not always mean better. Thats that biggest misnomer about steroids. Some people just respond fantastically to gear and no amount someone else takes will ever get the same results. Genetics is a huge factor. I 100% believe some gym rats take more then some pros. Pro strong man clint darden talks about this all the time on his youtube channel. Its not drugs that makes you a champion its hard work, years of sacrifice and good genetics.

  • jay

    correction: dorian said he either used 500mg of deca-durabolin OR boldenone (equipoise)

    • GregorATG

      Corrected. Thanks

  • Shredder

    My wife is Polish Dorian! I know how you felt ha ha ha, not the same as Russian I know. I saw you in seminar in Wigan, I think it was 1996!. Yes you have to have a possessed spirit to go beyond human barriers to be a champion, and you have to be a nutritionist expert as I am, because it’s 100% diet, that’s a fact ! I was 3% yes 3% body fat for over a year. And genetics too! but yes it takes a psychotic mentality to train to explode your body. People think it’s a magic quick fix NOOOOO it aint, it’s diet, consistency some gear and genetics! that’s the truth! It takes a warrior mentality beyond peoples perceptions.

  • shredder ate mariusz pudzianow

    P.S Dorian was your grandma or grandad adopted from this area in Sutton or Burton on trent, because mine was, I mean my nan! She was called Yates! I ain’t a crack pot, but I look similar to you!. Also there are 1000’s of factors to GH, steriods, training, diet and you cannot generalize. I have seen women and men from all factors. Three words intelligence, dedication, diet! Two more words: End of. And another word: Fact.

  • shredder ate mariusz pudzianow

    Less is more plus grit :-)

  • The hunk

    That girl is so cute!

  • aerlo

    4 shots a week that’s not that much,some guys do that a day.

  • MaximusGrande

    Nonsense. Growth offers very little side effects. Sure, if you have cancer, it will feed the cancer, but do some research. I’ve spoken with numerous neurologists and geneologists and this is fact. WikiPedia does not make anyone an expert. IF you have the genetics, so that your body will absorb the benefits of all Dorian took, you will see great gain IF you workout like he did. You won’t get big by training like a pussy and taking DBol. I’ve done it – it increased my lifts by 15% when I was on a powerlifting team and I grew. However, I did not like the side effects. In the end, Dorian is a genetic freak, and very few could ever look like he did.

  • rui freitas

    I believe the amounts of steroids to be acrate because I know someone who once spoke in perso to Jean-Pierre Fux and he said almost the same and I quote: the result of wht you see(in terms of stroids dosage) is 1000 mg of testosterone 600 mg of nandrolone and the rest is insuline… and also is very important to respect the time off. So as you can see is almost the same… inteligence, nutrition, genetics and hard work at the gym .

  • chefjim

    I don’t care much about this interview but I can’t seem to leave because I love to listen to that Eastern European girl translate for Dorian. She is sure a cutie.

  • Anon

    No mention of insulina or trenbolone. Bullshit. Pros who ‘come clean’ now represent themselves with moderate doses that are quite safe because no matter how you cut it 200mg/day of trenbolone acetate and all the insulin and the 15 iu’s of GH used on GH blasts by pros from this time period (and since then) is EXCESSIVE and has caused deaths. But it is what made the physiques of the day. Dorian is bullshitting nobody well-versed in the drug use of bodybuilding if he doesn’t mention the tren, he had the trademark hardness and androgenized face only high doses of trenbolone for a long time produces.

    • Dball

      And you learned this from gh15 I’m assuming?dont believe everything you read on the Internet kid

  • Denis Tengler

    Just saw your video and I guess there has happened another translational-error: “not that he did not use it”. As far as I understood they did NOT talk about GH in this moment – they talked about GF; the growth factor. So what they meant was IGF-1. This might be because in a famous book about steroids it’s said that insiders expect one of the big guys of the 90′ to be the first one, who has taken IGF-1 because of his incredible physique. So I’m sorry for beeing that late with my comment – but for historical reasons I expect it to be very important 😉 So what he then says, “that he did not use it” just point’s out that these rumors were wrong. Greets from Germany, my friends! Denis

  • marc

    people will always talk about what he used or didn’t use. there is one absolute truth. he doesn’t give a single fuck about what people think. The wolf doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of sheep…

  • jj100

    NO growth – hes a liar, in interview on london real hes says he used GH since early 90’s…. bold face lie.

  • faust

    growth factor and hgh are different things. thats why he did not understand