77kg Men B Group 2012 London Olympics Weightlifting

The Men’s 77kg B Group (A Group here) of the London 2012 Olympics is over.

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Nigeria’s Felix Ekpo takes the snatch with 151kg. 1kg advantage over Andres Eduardo Mata Perez going into the Clean & Jerk.

Felix Ekpo 151kg Snatch

Ekpo came out with 180kg, easy. Perez follow with 183 without much trouble.

Ekpo missed 188kg on his second, 7kg over his PB. Perez takes the same weight and makes it. 188kg turned out to be too much for Ekpo today.

Perez went for 190kg but missed his 3rd.

Andres Eduardo Mata Perez188kg Clean Jerk


Rank Athlete Snatch C&J Total (Kg)
Res. (Kg) Res. (Kg)
1 MATA PEREZ Andres Eduardo 150 188 338
2 EKPO Felix 151 180 331
3 PAVLOV Kirill 147 175 322
4 OLIVER Jack 140 170 310
5 PERIVE Toafitu 122 167 289


Entry Weights:

Athlete Planned 1st Snatch (Kg) Planned 1st C&J (Kg)
PERIVE Toafitu 120 160
PAVLOV Kirill 135 165
OLIVER Jack 135 160
MATA PEREZ Andres Eduardo 142 175
EKPO Felix 145 180


World Records:

Snatch 174 kg Lu Xiaojun
Clean & Jerk 210 kg Oleg Perepetchenov
Total 378 kg Lu Xiaojun


  • Espidi

    Andrés said that his objective was to be in good shape. He thinks that it is likely to be among the top ten.

    • GregorATG

      His lifting looked great. He should be top 10.

  • Espidi

    About Andrés qualification: