Bypass YouTube’s "Video is not Available in your Country"

If you are outside the US you probably stumbled across the  “Unfortunately this video is not available in your country” – error message.

Solution: use a web proxy to access YouTube.

My Favorite

Browser extensions like ProxMate (for Chrome or Firefox, the install the YouTube package) or ZenMate (Chrome or Firefox).

Another Option: Web Proxies

Another reliable method is the following.
Just add “ss” inf front of…

Example: to

Then click on the little video preview thumbnail on the right to watch the video (or choose one of the download options)

Download Youtube Video / Convert to MP3

  • Use and simply paste the youtube URL there.

Other Proxy Sites (simply copy and paste the video url into the proxy):

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  • Michael

    dude i love you I’ve been trying to watch this video all night and tried proxy servers and everything, thank you so much :)

  • KungFuBrownie




  • Thomas Edison

    This method no longer works for me but I found a better one!

    Type “bypass” into any restricted YouTube video’s URL to unlock it:

    This will bypass both age and region restrictions!

    • Bryan Garcia

      Where do you put “bypass” in the front or in the affter the url?

      • Guest

        Why don’t use try this – don’t need to ask where to put that “bypass” anymore. J/K

        • Vani

          Hi all. Unable to watch videos on YouTube using n Not getting the play icon for videos. Any suggetions…

  • vlospa

    the ‘ss’ method is working like a charm, thnx very much!

  • HPT

    Tried, ProxMate, hidemyass and the “ss” thing and all didn’t work on YouTube. I’m trying to what a video from animal planet channel’s feature videos by the way.

  • Mamun


  • Micheal Jeferson

    Thanks for sharing this method! I didn’t think that it could be so easy to bypass country restrictions on youtube. I was always using for that but your method is also good :)

  • Bryan Garcia

    What about if your in the US and wanted watch videos from other countries like italy? Show that we get here in the US, but in ital. What about People in the US who get blocked from watching yotube channels from other countries?

    • Mika

      Invade those countries.

      • Crimeariver

        I was so close to watching videos from Kiev.

  • kiran venugopal

    have tried to download a video for youtube for months with no avail. worked now. thanks

  • Gustavo Calandra

    Very useful tips for watching movies in

  • Han

    It worked for SS. Thanks

    • Sam Hamer

      Until the Russkies showed up!

  • Herpty Derpty

    I’m in the US and I get this “Unfortunately this video is not available in your country” error message ALL THE TIME

  • Joseph Michael Dunn

    It works, Gregor-YOU DA MAN! Thanks a million.

  • KERR

    Any of these still working? SS method took me to a random site.

    • Gregor

      All options working fine for me

  • Design King

    Proxmate works for me. But because I’m a graphic designer, I decided to make a t-shirt about it. :)

  • Imran Murtaza

    If you want to watch youtube videos blocked in your country visit and watch all youtube videos without any proxy or vpn. IF full youtube is blocked in your country you can watch videos from yt-videos website.