Convict Conditioning Summary Cheat Sheet

Here is a PDF summary of Convict Conditioning. (via)

Convict Conditioning Flow Chart + Exercise List

Also available as single images here.

Also check out the Convict Conditioning Exercises Image

  • Kshitiz

    Thanks for the progression chart.

  • Hardstyle

    Picked up the book and was thinking it’d be nice if there was something like this out there. Brilliant! Thanks for posting this!

  • vkelman

    Is it right that to download it I need a paid Scribd account?

    • GregorATG

      No, that is why I put “Also available as single images” below the scribd thing.

  • hapworth

    I know this is a bit older, but after watching the Convict Conditioning DVDs, they state a different protocol for advancing through the levels on each step. I was looking for something like this but just putting this here cause it was different. It looked a little something like this…

    Let’s take two examples, one with a maximum of 2 sets, and then tackle one with 3 sets…

    Half Pullups
    Beginner: 1×8
    Intermediate: 2×11
    Advanced: 2×15

    1. Meet the Beginner Standard (which you should be able to do if you’re at this exercise, or work up to it…)
    2. Add reps until you can do a strict set of 11. So you’re aiming for 1×11. Once you can accomplish that…
    3. Add an extra set, aiming for 2×11. First set should be 1×11, and then as many as you can do for the second set till you can reach 2×11. [This is how I believe they’re going about splitting it over 2 sets. They don’t specifically say.] Now you’ve reached the Intermediate Standard… next…
    4. Now add reps to both sets till you can do 2×15. [If my theory is correct, you’d make your first set 1×15, then try to duplicate it in the second. Your last set will be your hardest, etc…].

    So in essence, you’re increasing the reps of the Beginners to match the Intermediate… but NOT the sets. Once you can match reps, then you include an extra set till you meet it. Then try to meet the Advanced within those two sets.

    For exercises with ultimately 3 sets… it gets a little more complicated (but not really…)

    Kneeling Pushups
    Beginner: 1×10
    Intermediate: 2×15
    Advanced: 3×20

    1. Meet the Beginner Standard, 1×10.
    2. Increase the number of reps to 1×15… Once you can do that…
    3. Add an extra set, aiming for 2×15… Meeting Intermediate Standard. Once you can do that…
    4. Add an extra set OF 10 (the number of sets in the Beginner Standard)… so you’re going for 2×15 + 1×10
    5. Increase the number of reps to equal out… 3×15…
    6. Now add reps to each set till you meet the Advanced Standard, 3×20.

    I’m trying to think of a formula that would work for this… it’d be something like…

    1. Meet Beginner Standard.
    2. Meet Half of Intermediate Standard (-1 set)
    3. Add Extra Set of Beginner Standard
    4. Meet Intermediate Standard
    5a. If Advanced Standard Max Sets are 2, Skip to Step 6.
    5b. If Advanced Standard Max Sets are 3, Add Extra Set of Beginner Standard.
    6. Meet Advanced Standard.

    I think that just about breaks it down. It doesn’t seem uniform but I think it is, they just jump a step at one point… you ultimately will meet half the standard of the one you’re striving for if you just keep adding reps. No need to repeat #2… it happens automatically.

    I’m sure your method, or any method for that matter works just fine as long as you’re progressing. Even though it seems more complicated, I like the way they state it on the DVDs cause you’re not worrying about averages, you’re just carrying over numbers.

    Of course, maybe your way ends up being exactly the same and I’m just not quite thinking straight right now ;).

    Did this make sense at all? Haha. Thanks for your hard work summarizing the rest too!