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London 2012 Weightlifting Statistics

Let’s geek out about statistics.

Since good (accessible) data was nowhere to be found online I collected the data from the official London 2012 Athletes Pages, as well as the weighlifting athletes’ profiles.

You can access the raw data here: Google Docs Spreadsheet, xls Excel Spreadsheet

I encourage you to take a look at it and play around with the data. Curious to see what some of you will come up with. Maybe we can find some interesting correlations.

For example:


Here are some of the calculations I already did with them.

Click the images to open the bigger, interactive charts.

Average Height & Age per Weight Category (Bigger Version)

Average Height Age perWeight Class

Average Age per Country (Bigger)

Average Height per Country (Bigger)

Average Age per Country
Average Height per Country

Here are Height and Age Distributions. These are from my work spreadsheet, which is a bit messy. You can find ineractive versions of them in there.

Men’s Height Distribution

Men’s Age Distribution

Women’s Height Distribution

Women’s Age Distribution

And some looks at the extremes:

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