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The “Big” Texas Method aka Cowboy Method Squat Program Spreadsheet

The Big Texas Method Spreadsheet

Attention: If you are looking for a Spreadsheet for the Original Texas Method, click here.


So I was thinking ‘What to do after 13 weeks of Smolov?’ (get your Smolov Squat Program Spreadsheet here).
I wanted to continue squatting 3 times per week. So it came in handy that Chad Wesley Smith and from Juggernaut Training Systems posted the following program in a newsletter he recently send out. For ease of use I made it into a spreadsheet.

Update: He has since then renamed it to the “Cowboy Method“, which includes not just the squat program.

This is a 13 week program. He called it “The Big Texas Method”, because it’s also based around the idea of of squatting 3x per week, using  high/medium/low volume days (2x Back Squat and 1x Front Squat).

They say it’s aimed for beginner/intermediate lifters who would benefit from more volume than the regular TM suggests.


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The “Big” Texas Method aka Cowboy Method Squat Program Spreadsheet is a post by Gregor Winter from All Things Gym.