Chinese Rows a.k.a Chest Supported Barbell Rows

Get a Chinese Back with Chinese Rows a.k.a Chest Supported Barbell Rows or just chest supported barbell rows.

Mike Gray shows you how to do them properly.

Update: Here is Liao Hui doing them. Note the sweeping back in the pull.

Update: Donovan Ford does a variation for Grip Strength, grabbing the plates like in a Reeves Deadlift.

More: Check out the Dumbbell Version of the Chinese Row here.

  • Jirka ‘Falcon’ Smiga

    FL Rows anyone?

    • GregorATG

      Full FL rows? Not me :)

      • Jirka ‘Falcon’ Smiga

         Not even me, but from where I sit it looks like FL row with a barbell, well… core/lower back strength excluded..

  • Fredrik Kvist Gyllensten

    The proper name here in Norway at least, is Bench Pulls (Benktrekk) :)