Clarence Cummings 112kg Snatch 136kg C&J at 2014 Junior Nationals *Update:* 113kg Snatch

Meanwhile at the 2014 US Junior Nationals …

Update 02.03.2014: 113kg Snatch from the 2014 Arnolds in Slow Motion.

There he went 113+142=255

Still 13 years old, Clarence Cummings got a 112kg Snatch!

He weighed in at a jacked 60.2kg here.

By the way, you can watch a live stream of the comp here, schedule & start list here.

Clean & Jerk: 128kg, 136kg, x141kg

Update: YouTube Version

  • Matt Murdock

    112 snatch 136 c&j, title says 113/139. Still though, 13 years old!

    • Gregor

      Oops yeah, not sure how that crept in. Fixed now.

  • Ponz

    Well, there is every US weightlifter’s competition for making a world/Olympic team for the next 17 years or so.

    • shouldntbeposting

      unless he decides to get paid and plays football.

      • JakeL

        I disagree. Look at Phelps. If Clarence does indeed become an Olympic medal hopeful I expect he would see the same fame, money, and endorsements. Weightlifting is way more exciting than watching dudes splash around in the water. Oh, and he can avoid traumatic brain injury as well…

        • MattVP

          I and the T.V. ratings would beg to differ that weightlifting is more exciting. Coming from a back ground of participating at the national level in both sports I will say that weightlifting is just as or maybe even more dramatic than swimming. But what it really boils down to though is performance time. Americans even with their short attention span don’t want to watch an athlete perform for less than 20sec total (and that’s on the high end).

          • JakeL

            Most Americans are also pathetically susceptible to media persuasion. With the correct marketing and media coverage the general public I believe would jump on board. There’s really not much more riveting an event than weightlifting. Flinging 400 lbs over your head Vs. some splashing bodies in a pool?? If we have a contender I trust our media giants to make it work….hopefully.

        • Leighton

          Phelps only gets money because he won several olympic Gold Medals.
          Football you might only be the 30th best football player in the country and you would still be a millionaire.

  • WSyd

    These are better numbers than Akkaev was doing at the same age and weight class.

    We need more of this in the US.

  • Wally Broccoli

    He may be the future of US weightlifting. His technique looks good as well.

  • Anon

    I can see a bad knee.