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Julia Rohde Profile

What’s a good opportunity to post something about Julia Rohde?

That’s right any reason is a good one.

In the short video below she talks about the usual stereotypes that come with being a weightlifter.

She says most people think that female weightlifter are big, heavy and (giggles) ugly. But adds that in the lighter weight classes you won’t find big girls.

Now 23 years old, she was a competitive dancer and discovered her passion for weightlifting at the age of 12.

And, she ads, that most people overestimate her strength. Says she has as much trouble lifting a box of beer as “normal” women do, since you can’t compare lifting heavy things with barbell lifting.

Currently she is a “sport soldier”. BTW, most Olympic athletes in Germany are. That doesn’t mean she has to do any military drills and all that stuff. Basically it is a way to get funding while doing the sport full time. Something the US should also consider if you read stories like this or this (Wikipedia says it already exists in the US).

She also has a plan for the time after lifting weights. Namely, becoming a beautician.

Update: another short video

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