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Liao Hui 2013 Chinese Nationals + Interview

Here is a some lifting footage of Liao Hui  as well as an interview.

In the 2013 Chinese Nationals he went for 151kg for an easy snatch opener, 161kg (Asian record) for his 2nd and failed 166kg (1kg above current WR) on his third.

In the Clean and Jerk he opened with 175kg, followed it up with 188kg to have a winning total. However the 200kg world record attempt (+3kg)was too much on his third.

Update: Here is a video of the 200kg Clean & Jerk attempt by Liao Hui

Update: This article states (at the bottom) that he made a 210kg Clean & Jerk in training.

And if you understand Chinese, please help translating the interesting bits of this interview.

Update: Translations thanks to reader Swolles, Steve and M.

In the interview he says he was surprised about the result. He didn’t see it as a competition, and just approached it with a relaxed attitude with no pressure. he said it felt more relaxed and easy than a training session.

He mentions how its the mental mindset he has right now, the relaxed attitude, but it was somewhat a shame he didn’t get the records. He doesn’t want to talk much, but rather use action to prove Liao hui is back.

Then the two announcers talk about how Liao Hui achieved good result but then got banned, and mentions how many people believed Liao Hui could have gotten gold at Beijing, London and even Rio, but due to the ban the possibility of a 3peat will not happen.

Liao Hui said that he was tested in Beijing (internal test) before the world championships and it came back negative. He said that the IWF test occurred very soon after the internal test and that he would be an idiot to use in the period between those 2 tests.

So in the end he does not understand how he tested positive at the 2010 Worlds. He says that after he tested positive at the worlds, the lab in Beijing checked and re-checked his internal samples and they came back negative each time. The 2 presenters mention how Boldenone is typically used by bodybuilders to build muscle and is less useful for a high level weightlifter.

Liao says he had to dress up in suit/tie to go to his hearing in a foreign country, he says the process took over 12 hours and that he was anxious to ask his translator what the officials were saying because he could not understand the language. He says that all of the coaches on the Chinese national team believed his innocence and even offered to hold a special competition just for him if he could not go to the Olympics.

He says that after he first heard the news of the ban, he was actually at peace after going through all of the hearings and ordeals. He says that when the rest of the Chinese weightlifting team left on a bus to go to the airport for London, he was very sad that he was standing on the ground waving back instead of being one of the guys in the bus waving.

He says that after the team left for the Olympics, he went back to his room in the training center and started packing up his things with the intention of leaving weightlifting. He says that it was too much for him to handle and he decided to retire from weightlifting.

Liao Hui says that right after Lu Xiaojun won the 77kg class at the 2012 Olympics, the first person he called was Liao Hui.

The conversation roughly like…”brother, we succeeded! The first person I thought to call was you.” A few minutes later, Lu’s coach (Yu Jie) also called Liao Hui and told him the same thing.

After this news, Liao Hui says that his spirit was reawakened and decided to return to weightlifting. He says that in the end, he had been training for 15 years and could not completely walk away from the sport.

Liao Hui 2013 Chinese Nationals + Interview is a post by Gregor Winter from All Things Gym.