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Igor Lukanin Interview (and 215kg Push Press)

Igor Lukanin Weightlifter

Here is a quick Q&A with Igor Lukanin.

He was kind enough to answer some of my random questions in between training sessions.

Subscribe to his YouTube Channel – ilukanin if you haven’t already.

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PS: If you have more questions for a the next Q&A (which I know you do) just leave them in the comments and vote which ones you like best.

Who are you?

Hi, I am Igor Lukanin, a super heavyweight weightlifter from Russia. I was born in the town of Sochi, Russia and have 2 sisters and 2 brothers.

Age: 26 years (born 1986-05-29)

Weight: around 124kg, Update: 132kg (November 2012)

Height: Igor is 193-194cm

Personal Records

At the moment I am looking for sponsors and a country to lift for.

How did you get into weightlifting?


My father, Vladislav Lukanin (not to be confused with my cousin, also named Vladislav Lukanin) is a weightlifting coach and master of sports in weightlifting. You could say that going to the gym with him was unavoidable.

When I was 6 years old, my father first took me with him. After some time, I started to train along with the other trainees of my father. So being 26 this gives me 20 years of training experience.

Who was your inspiration as a kid?

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What does a typical day look like?

I train 2 sessions per day. I wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast. Then it’s time for the gym.

After session #1, which is usually around midday I eat lunch and take a nap.

I always eat what I want, but meat products and vegetables are given priority.

After my nap it’s time for training session number 2.


By the way, each training sessions lasts for 2 to 4 hours. So this is pretty much my full time job (and hence I need sponsors).

After session #2 it is time for Dinner, which is usually followed by a  massage / bath / sauna.

If time allows I will use the evening for a recovery walk. Usually 5-10 km.

My favorite recovery method however is a good portion of healthy sleep!

So you always train 2 sessions per day?

Always! Except when something is very hurt.

A tip: When something hurts – still do the exercise, but with less weight.

If the pain is very strong, it is better to give the muscles a little more rest and recover. At this time, do other exercises, such as squats.

Do you have a complete rest day?

I try to rest on Sundays.


Can you give us a general outline of your programming?

I never plan the exercises that I will do the next day. You never know how your body will feel tomorrow.

However I have a general plan. I try to break the workouts into groups with different focus:

Who is your favorite lifter these days?

My idol is my friend today Ilya Ilin. I always watch his performances and heartily rejoice his victories.

What is a good piece of advice you got in the past?

Never give up. Whatever sport you choose, you need persistence.
Never give up. Whatever sport you choose, you need persistence.

Many years of training is what it takes to do well in any sport.

What music do you listen to while training?


Nothing special. I usually listen to the radio that is running in the background.

What is one of your greatest strengths?

I am stubborn. I set goals and I reach them.

What is one of your weaknesses?

I was not happy with my performances in a powerlifting meet in 2010. I was weaker in the bench press (my bench is around 200kg and I do not train this movement) and as a result I came in second place.


To be honest, I have no time for hobbies. Weightlifting is my life. Gym takes up most of my time. Add the nap time and 5-6 meals and the day is over.

Next international competition we will see you at?

In 2013 will participate in the European Championships in Spain.

To finish it off here is an exclusive training clip for All Things Gym.

215kg Push Press

215kg? With ” I’ll Be Missing You” in the background? Imagine what would be possible with some Metal or Russian Training Hall Techno!

Igor Lukanin Interview (and 215kg Push Press) is a post by Gregor Winter from All Things Gym.