Ilya Ilyin 230 kg C&J Kazakstan Championships

After the 230kg training Clean & Jerk here is Ilya Ilyin with a 230 kg Clean & Jerk at the Kazakstan Championships (06.06.12).

Looks like there is room for at least 5kg.

Bonus points if you find info on his BW, and Snatch in this meet.

Update: Thanks to Chris in the comments who found the results.

Ilya Illin did 180/230. Almas Uteshov 180/225. (via)

  • Rshorvathdelmar

    I see him doing 178/183/187 in snatch – 220/225/228 in C&J for 415 total. But is it enough for the gold? Not if Artem or Alexandr snatch 190. And there could be several others bunched up between 405 and 410. Any comments?

  • josipher

    any snatch links or anyone know what he did at that comp?  How heavy was he here?

    • GregorATG

      I am looking for this info also.

      The website of the Asian WL Federation is not exactly up to date

      Will post as soon as I find something.