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Retests of Olympic Doping Samples *15 More Positives from 2008 Announced*

Meanwhile in Doping News …

Apparently Tamas Ajan announced that retests of doping samples from the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympics showed that 20 weightlifters (10 from Beijing / 10 from London) tested positive.

Update 13.09.2016: Anatoli Ciricu’s (94kg, Moldova) 2012 test came back positive. (via)

Update 24.08.2016: Next Wave of 2008 positives (via)


So with 3 Chinese positives, China is now also facing a one year country ban.

Update 29.07.2016: IWF bans Russian weightlifters from entering Rio. (via)

Update 27.07.2016: 11 more positives… (via)

So Lydia Valentin and Christine Girard jumped into gold medal spots now. Same for Anatoli Ciricu (94kg), who is currently banned (11.05.2015 – 11.05.2023).

Update 26.07.2016: Albegov’s 2012 sample supposedly came back positve. (via)

Update 22.07.2016: IOC has announced a bunch more positives from additional retests (via).

Update 13.07.2016: More from 2008.


Update 12.07.2016: Ilya will study sports psychology and management in England. (via)

Update 07.07.2016: 3 more positives from Beijing. (via)

Update 20.06.2016: IWF names the retest positives from the 2008 Beijing Olympics (via). Final decision about the consequences regarding Olympic quotas will be discussed in an IWF executive board meeting on 22-23.06.2016 in Tbilisi.

Update 15.06.2016: Official Announcements are in. (via IWF).

Update 09.06.2016: Russian sports minister Vitaly Mutko wants to throw out retests due to B samples not confirming A sample results (via). Meanwhile the latest episode of the German documentary about Russian doping allegedly shows Mutko’s involvement in covering up a positive test from a football player. It’s also available in English.

Update 07.06.2016: TASS reports that according to Vladimir Shainov, the B samples from Marina Shainova and Nadezhda Evstyukhina have come back positive (for turinabol), they have yet to receive official papers on the penalties (via).

Update 04.06.2016: Kazakh weightlifting federation reports it has been notified about five positive samples by the national Olympic committee (via). Retesting of Kazakh samples will take place in Switzerland (via).

Update 01.06.2016: IOC announced it will extend the retesting program of samples from Beijing and London (via).

Some news sites claim they will test all samples, but that doesn’t follow from the source article from the IOC.

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