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Rich Froning Training Days

This is nuts.

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Here is what typical training days in the life of 24 year old Rich Froning look like.


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Here is his general training template:

Workouts: Day 1

lunch time: deadlift & sled pushes

Next Day

9:00 and he already did 8x500m row, with 1 minute rest between rounds

for 15 minutes 3 squat cleans on the minute @185lb

Bench Press, 5 rounds = 75 reps total:

Then a 2 Person workout, one person rests while the other works out

3 rounds:

Then power cleans for 25(?) minutes.

Then 7 rounds:

Next Day

7 rounds:

Throw in some rowing intervals.

Then for 15 minutes on the minute

90 minutes later, a bit of football, sled sprints

Then some strength work with Front Squat Ladders

Then 20 reps weighted sit ups at 100lb.

There you go. Minute drills & circuit training.

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Update: Here is another Day int the Life video with Rich Froning.

Rich Froning Training Days is a post by Gregor Winter from All Things Gym.

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