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Car Polisher – Next Level Self Massage

Ok, this may seem odd, but hear me out.

2 weeks ago I stumbled across the video of Brett Summers explaining how he uses one of those car buffer / car polisher things for myofascial release when foam rollers are not enough.

You read that right. What a silly gimmick right? That was my first thought too. This surely had to be a joke on all the mobility guys.

Then last week Clint Darden also put up a video where he tries it. And he had nothing but praises for that thing.

Gadget hungry that I am, the more I think about it the more I want one for myself.


Of course this won’t make your good old foam roller redundant since you can’t hit every area by yourself. But if you have someone around who is willing to give you that last bit of polish, why not try it out?

Certainly cheaper than a rumble roller. You can get the Binford 2000 Black & Decker WP900 polisher for 30 bucks on amazon.

Anyway, here are the videos. Make your own opinion and let me know what you think of it in the comments.

Brett’s video:

Clint Darden’s experiences: Update: Clint’s praising the car polisher as a massage tool is no longer online because his youtube account was shut down.

Update #1: So some of you already tried it and seem to like it too. From a comment on reddit, if you plan to get one:

You want to buy a random orbital polisher buffer, that means one that doesn’t necessarily spin in a circle but also vibrates.

Update #2: Check out the Hands Free Massage option from reader Jake.


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