Hip and Ankle Stretches for Olympic Weightlifting

After showing the Upper Body Stretches for Olympic Weightlifting Glenn Pendlay also has some Flexibility Exercises for the Lower Body in Olympic Weightlifting.

More useful stretches on Mobility 101.

Jon North Hip Flexibility Stretch Elbows Squat
Elbows Against Knees Hip Stretch
Jon North Glenn Pendlay assisted Hip Flexibility Stretch Elbows Squat
Assisted Squat Flexibility Exercise

Update: Added YouTube video below.

These are hip and ankle mobilty exercises specifically for the catch position in the Olympic lifts, but also for front and back squats.

  • squat down
  • put elbows between knees
  • use hands to lever the knees outwards and press elbows out against the knee
  • drop the hips as far down as possible
  • rock back and forth to increase the ankle range of motion
  • drop hips even more
  • push body in an upright position as possible
  • you can also have a partner push your lower back down and forward
  • if you don’t have a partner use a barbell
  • push knees forward
  • do these several times a day
Jon North Ankle Hip Flexibility Barbell Stretch Squat
Barbell Squat Ankle Stretch