Mark Rippetoe on the Squat Bar Position

Mark Rippetoe on Squat Bar Positions. This is another valuable lesson.

He covers everything you probably ever want to know about proper grip for low-bar squat.


  • all of the weight of the bar is on the body, not the arms.
  • lowest point where the bar can stabily be carried
  • wrists and elbows not under the bar (elbows up!, thumbs don’t wrap the bar -> no wrist flexion)
  • grip width – narrowest, tightest grip grip that lets you keep the elbows up
  • dropping elbows usually cause thoracic flexion

If the bar sitting at base of the traps or the top of the posterior deltoids, then the bar is in the right place.

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More: an explanation of the difference between low bar vs. high bar squats.

  • Francesco

    wow what a great instructional video!!! thank you so much for posting it.

  • Francesco

    would you mind posting other videos about how to:bench press and dead lift correctly please thank you!!!

  • Remco

    I thought 18 minutes just for the grip… I’m not not gonna watch it… BUT definitly worth every second of it!

  • ChxLfx

    This is one of the best instructional videos ever, thank you!

  • chad

    The actual hand grip itself is a lot less “hand” involvement than I thought would be needed and what I usually do. He doesn’t even technically grip the bar at all at least with a clinched fist.

  • common sense

    Low bar/high doestn matter just sqaut and do 100% range of motion.

  • Kyle

    I have been practicing the low bar position, but I don’t seem to have the flexibility in my shoulders to do hold this position comfortably.

    • Frihet87

      Same problem here, shoulders just don’t want to flex back.
      Have you tried anything to improve the shoulder flexibility?

  • Alex

    It’s really worth watching the video! It looks long but every second is worth it, loads of information! Thanks for a great video!

  • Jason

    Awesome video. My tendonitis while doing my 325lb squats has disappeared when using this grip. A true life saver.

  • ankur

    Best video on squat bar position. I have just started to squat using weights keep checking the web for form, position, recommendations, etc. This is the most helpful video I have found so far, worth watching the full 18 minutes of it.