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Olga Zubova 120kg Snatch + 159kg Clean & Jerk

Here is what we missed not watching the women’s 75kg of the 2013 Universiade.

19 year old Olga Zubova beat her Russian teammate Nadezhda Evstyukhina.

She went 115kg, x120kg, 120kg in the Snatch and 145kg, 152kg, 159kg in the C&J for a 279kg.

Evstyukhina did 118kg, x123kg, 123kg and 148kg, 152kg, 155kg for a 278kg total.

In an interview she said that she did 160kg in training (163kg is the 75kg WR set ba Nadezda).

Complete results of the 75kg.

Update: Her C&J battle with Nadezhda here.

Update: Read Olga’s Interview on ATG.

Thanks to Anna for taking and uploading the video.

Update: Video of her 120kg Snatch

Update: In an interview she gave afterwards she says that she studies psychology and was a dancer before she started weightlifting.

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