Igor Lukanin 300kg Snatch Grip Deadlift

Igor Lukanin warms up with a “little” 300kg Snatch Grip Deadlift.

Little because his max Snatch Grip Deadlift is 354kg (yes 354kg, I just asked him) and his Clean Grip Deadlift is about 368kg.

As I already shared on Facebook, Igor will be doing a seminar tour soon.

There is no official schedule yet, but the current outline is:

  • beginning of May he and his coach leave for France (flyer here)
  • from May 10th or 11th they will be in the U.S. and stay there for 2-3 weeks

For serious enquiries, you are welcome to send Igor an e-mail or contact him on Facebook.

More: Check out Igor’s Interview here.

  • insignificant

    That’s not deadlift. It’s a snatch pull.

    • Gian Spicuzza

      a snatch pull starts with a DL

      • Jay_z

        No it doesn’t. A snatch pull is usually much more like a squat, with a fairly stable back angle throughout the first phase and the hips start lower. This is something in between, a snatch pull too heavy so the back gives in, I’d say.

  • http://twitter.com/timvalen Tim Valentine

    I like doing these after my regular deads because I can get low and really put my legs into it. I don’t like this guys technique, he bring his hips up to fast and it’s all back after that — no doubt about his strength though.

  • schwererd

    Can we please get this guy a sponsor…christ