Mohamed Ehab 155kg Snatch

Meanwhile in Egypt …

After his 155kg from blocks, Mohamed Ehab (69kg) is now up to a 155kg Snatch from the floor.

Looks like all those different jumping exercises he does are working great for him.

Check them out if you haven’t:

Update: YouTube Version

  • Thiagov

    Also he does Bench Press 3 times a week.

    • Gregor

      Do you have a source for that?

      • Thiagov

        Yes I talk with him almost every day on facebook.
        Ab work 6 times a week, in the end of each session
        Barbell HSPU 2 times a week 2-4 sets of 5-8 reps

        • Gregor

          Cool, thanks for the update.

          • Chris Theoharis

            wow those barbell handstand pushups look brutal.

  • Cesar

    what kind of shoes is he wearing?

    • BigSackofFat

      Looks like a variation of the Do-Win.

  • Jay Blais

    why is he wearing a Russia singlet?