Top CrossFit Fran Times Compilation

You probably heard CrossFitters talk ab out their “Fran” time.

Fran is 21-15-9 reps rounds of

  • 95 (65lbs for women) pound Thrusters (front squat + push press)
  • Pull-ups

Jason Kaplan does “Fran” in 1:53

Josh Bridges does “Fran” in 2:02

Chris Spealler Does “Fran” in 2:05

Mikko Salo does “Fran” in 2:16

Brett Marshall does “Fran” in 2:19

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet does Fran in 2:29

Talayna Fortunato does “Fran” in 2:42

Heather Bergeron does “Fran” in 2:57

Lindsey Smith does it also in 2:57

Miranda Oldroyd does “Fran” in 3:19

CrossFit All Stars doing – “Fran” at the 2011 Arnold Classics

  • Martin

    i've never liked the way the make pull ups….

    great videos anyway!

    very impressive

  • Gregor

    @Martin If the task is to get the chin over the bar, then kipping is the most effective and fastest way.

  • RC

    guys I’m sorry but those thursters of 1:53 time are far to be a rep. hip crest is almost never under the paralel….sure he will perform a great time doing correctly but that time with no standar would’t be valid in the games..