How to Snatch Tutorial with Glenn Pendlay

Over at California Strength Glenn Pendlay has a very nice 3 Part “How to Snatch Series” with Jon North, Caleb Ward, Donny Shankle as demonstrators.

The progressions used are really simple, yet effective.

Parte One – Top Pull – Transitioning from Power Snatch to Squat Snatch

  • set up your snatch grip – bar in hip crease determines grip width
  • push shoulders back
  • weight is on heels
  • bend knees a couple of inches
  • jump and catch
  • feet hit the platform the same time the elbows lock out
  • work towards the squat snatch as quickly as possible
  • same movement and then add an overhead squat
  • Power Snatch, then stop at position you caught the bar, from there do an Overhead Squat
Snatch Bent Knee Position Jon North
Snatch Bent Knee Position
Power Snatch Snatch Position Jon North
Power Snatch Catch Position

Part Two – Second Pull

  • first position (bend knee)
  • from there bend forward and slide the bar to just below the kneecaps, keep the bar in contact with your legs
  • stop
  • weight on heels
  • slowly go back to first position and stop
  • from there jump and catch the bar
  • shoulders over the bar
  • increase speed in transition
  • when moving up the thigh jump and catch without the stop
Below the Knee Position Snatch Drill Jon North
Below the Knee Position Snatch Drill

Part Three – First Pull – Starting from the floor

  • same drill as above
  • once the bar goes below the knees, bend the knees to allow the bar to go to the floor
  • weight shifts close to the ball of the foot
  • constant back angle
  • cues: knees-hips-knees-GO
Squat Snatch Catch Position Jon North
Squat Snatch Catch Position

Want more? Here is another How to Snatch Instruction Series by Nick Horton.