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Mart Seim 320kg x10 Squat + How He Did It

Meanwhile in Estonia …

Mart Seim Squats 320kg x10 (705 lbs)! One of the best squatting efforts of our time.

Scroll down to Read His Method. Thank you Mart for sharing that. You are amazing!

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Update: his 246kg Clean & Jerk at worlds + the Story behind the lift.


Update: Mart Squatted 400kg!

How it came to be

After the 2014 European Weightlifting Championships Mart Seim took 2 weeks off from serious training (he did some squats while on vacation in Spain).

Then on May 12th I get this message from Mart asking:

Hey, do you know how much the record for squats of ten is?

I remember Misha did 10 with 310 or something, but has anybody done better?

Indeed Mikhail Koklyaev did 312.5kg Squat x9. Then there was Derek Kendall who did 317.5kg x10 (PL style). Unfortunately the video is gone.
I believe Rezazadeh would have done it with 350kgSo that’s when Mart set the goal to squat 320 x10.

He told me that day (May 12th) was his first real training session after the Europeans. He did 295kg x3 that day.

Mart kept me updated on his progress so we can now look back and see what he did.

The specific training for this project started 26.05.2014.

His Method

He used the same pyramid approach he did when he worked up to his 350kg Squat. Remember that this is like the first part of the Russian Squat Routine [Spreadsheet Here].

So he only works up to the  6×6 day and then one week or so rest, after which “I do it like I feel… squat 2×6 and then 300/10 and then then I might try 320.

28.05: Mart gets 290/3 x6, saying that:

First 4 sets were easy. Final 2 not so much, but still ok. Next week is killer with 4×6 and 5×6.

09.06: He did 290/6×6, then took 9 days “rest” which included a 290/2×4 session just to get his legs rested for the big day.

18.06: He gets the 320kg x10 you saw in the video at the top.

Next competition for Mart is the Baltic (26.07).

Mart Seim 320kg x10 Squat + How He Did It is a post by Gregor Winter from All Things Gym.