Smolov Jr. – 531 Excel Spreadsheet

Mogwoggle on reddit  put together a really nice spreadsheet that combines the Smolov Jr. and  5/3/1 into one program.

I put together a spreadsheet (based off of MEatRHIT’s original Workout2.xls file) that incorporates both of these, with a light bench that allows to test a 1RM on the deload week. OHP also shows up on deload week, in case you wanted to give it a go as well.

531 Smolov JR Spreadsheet

If you are not familiar with the Smolov JR. system, it looks like the following.
Also read the Smolov Squat Routine FAQ.

Smolov Jr. – Intensity Sets/Reps


  • Sunday 70% 6×6
  • Tue 75% 7×5
  • Thurs 80% 8×4
  • Fri 85% 10×3


  • Sunday 70% 6×6 Add 10 – 15lbs (larger increase for larger muscle groups)
  • Tue 75% 7×5 Add 10 – 15lbs (larger increase for larger muscle groups)
  • Thurs 80% 8×4 Add 10 – 15lbs (larger increase for larger muscle groups)
  • Fri 85% 10×3 Add 10 – 15lbs (larger increase for larger muscle groups)


  • Sunday 70% 6×6 Add 5 – 10lbs to week 2’s weights
  • Tue 75% 7×5 Add 5 – 10lbs to week 2’s weights
  • Thurs 80% 8×4 Add 5 – 10lbs to week 2’s weights
  • Fri 85% 10×3 Add 5 – 10lbs to week 2’s weights
  • Ahmed

    What I want to know is why this site isn't flooded with user comments? Thank you very much all the great work you're doing and all the best to you and yours!

  • Gregor

    Thanks for the kind words Ahmed.

    Regarding the comments (or the lack there off) I think it is because 1) I have not encouraged it much and 2) the majority of pasts are fact based and not controversial. People come here for information and (hopefully find it) and don't see the need to comment.

  • Ahmed

    Yea I was just advocating ppl pay some respect and admiration for the work you provide lol. While I'd love to see some discussion and what would be a community helping each other train optimally, you have great a model here because in alot of sites you'll have ludicrous comments which stray from the topic and every now and then some naysayers spewing misinformation lol. I can't say it enough tho thank you and if you don't mind you mite be seeing a few posts frm me every now and then lol take care and all the best.

  • ChileanATG

    file its broken, any chance of upload once again?

    awesome blog btw!!

    • GregorATG

      Thanks for letting me know. Fixed the link.

      Luckily I did make a copy of the spreadsheet.

  • GregorATG

    I think you are correct. Though on a second look I am a bit confused too about the advancing Dates in each column. But I would go with the way you described it.

    As for the MP… Maybe it’s just to make sure it didn’t suffer too much.
    Personally, I find that Benching doesn’t help my MP all that much.

  • Ben

    Hi Gregor , great work on the programme does it come in kgs at all ?

  • Benjamin Kim

    just wondering, why is there so much benching in this program?

    • Kyle Watson

      Smolov Jr. for Bench is 4x a week.