Voodoo Bands Arrived

Rogue Voodoo Floss Compression Bands

Look what came in the mail today. I bit the bullet and bought a pair of Voodoo Floss Compression Bands. My way of saying thank you to Kelly Starrett and supporting the Mobility Wod project. If someone is looking for me today, I’ll be in the pain cave. See the bands in action in the Compression Band Category.

Compression Bands for Tendonitis Treatment

Compression Bands for Tendonitis Treatment

Glenn Pendlay had some success treating tendonitis using compression bands. A tip he got from Kelly Starrett who talked about it here, here and here. Check out more drills on Mobility 101. Kevin Cornell seems to be not exactly overjoyed about Glenn having found out about this treatment Update: Kelly Starrett also has a similar video. Using compression band to […]

Homemade Compression Bands Mobility WOD

Homemade Compression Bands MWOD

Kelly Starrett with another bondage Compression Bands mobility WOD. Tools: compression bands buy the Compression Bands from Rogue or make your own with some bicycle inner tubes. Split them in half. Et voilà. MWOD: compress the high hamstring area (medial hamstring, psoas) do usual rubber band stretches Check out more drills on Mobility 101.