Supplementary and Assistance Exercises

Over at Elite FTS Chad Wesley shares his favorite supplementary and assistance exercises for the big lifts. Supplementary Exercises SquatSpeed SquatsDead SquatsSafety Bar Squats BenchSpeed BenchPaused Widegrip BenchDead BenchClosegrip Board PressesSeated Military Press to the Top of the Head DeadliftSpeed PullsDeficit PullsPulls against BandsIsometrics Assistance Exercises – 1-5 sets of 8-20 reps SquatSingle Leg SquatsGHRsSingle Leg RDLsWalking […]

Get Strong Working 9 to 5

Over at Elite FTS The Angry Coach writes about his diet and workout program. He calls his programming “Block Training For the Regular Guy” and it sounds pretty reasonable, especially if you’re pressed on time. Main exercises bench press squat deadlift clean He follows Prilepin’s Chart “starting with 50%, going up 5% per week, and […]

Overcoming Sticky Points in Lifts

From “Sticking Point Therapy” by Christian Thibaudeau Bench Press 1. Sticking point close to the chest:Most probable weak muscle: pectoralsAnother possible weakness: anterior deltoids 2. Sticking point mid-way (elbows at 90 degrees):Most probable weak muscle: anterior deltoids 3. Sticking point during the last portion of the press (past 90 degrees):Most probable weak muscle: triceps Deadlift […]

Chest and Back Workout at EliteFTS

Chest and Back Workout at EliteFTS

Just another Saturday in the gym at Elite FTS. A Chest and Back workout day with Dave Tate, John Meadows, and Doc. Nice selection of exercises. Incline dumbbell bench press, flat bench flys with chains, dips, bench press variations, reverse flys and one arm barbell rows. I really like the bench press / fly with the […]

Smolov Jr. – 531 Excel Spreadsheet

531 Smolov JR Spreadsheet

Mogwoggle on reddit  put together a really nice spreadsheet that combines the Smolov Jr. and  5/3/1 into one program. I put together a spreadsheet (based off of MEatRHIT’s original Workout2.xls file) that incorporates both of these, with a light bench that allows to test a 1RM on the deload week. OHP also shows up on deload […]

Starting Strength Warm-Up Calculator

Update: Here is a Spreadsheet that generates your complete SS Routine including the warm-up sets. Found this Starting Strength Warm-Up Calculator Spreadsheet.Of course it’s not just applicable to Starting Strength, but for every lifting workout. Instructions1) Follow the link.2) Select the “File” button in the left hand corner.3) From the drop-down menu select “Copy spreadsheet.”4) Click “OK” […]