2013 Chinese National Games Men’s Weightlifting

Liao Hui-2013 Chinese National Games Men Weightlifting

After we saw the ladies perform on a world class level, let’s take a look at the In the 2013 Chinese National Games Men’s Weightlifting. +105kg Results here Ai Yunan won with 195+240 Clean & Jerk Video 105kg Results here Zhe Yhang won with 180+215 94kg Results here Winner: Bing (171+216) 85kg Results here Winner: Jiang […]

Lu Xiaojun & Liao Hui Heavy Weighted Dips & Human Flag

Liao Hui Human Flags

(Originally posted July 28, 2013) Meanwhile in China … You already know about the use of bodyweight /gymnastics exercises by Chinese weightlifters (see their weighted Handstands for example). In the video today you will see Lu Xiaojun & Liao Hui doing Human Flags and heavy Weighted Dips. Lu does dips with 75kg and Tian Tao (田涛) […]

Chinese Weightlifting Team 2013 Worlds Preparation

Chinese Weightlifting Team Preparation

After we have been spoiled with Klokov’s video updates here is a look into the Chinese training camp. A CNTV5 news video about Chinese Weightlifting Team with Lu Xiaojun, Lu Haojie and co. Update: Here is a translation of what the coach and Liao Hui are saying, thanks to happy Chinese boy. Liao Hui pissed his coach off and […]