Lu Xiaojun Lateral Raises

Lu Xiaojun Lateral Raises

From the 2011 Worlds training hall. Lu Xiaojun with some lateral raises to grease those shoulders. Ok everybody, you know what that means, right? … Lateral raises Lu Raises, as they are called from now on, till your arms fall off today! Since these are clearly the secret behind his success. More Lu Xiaojun training hall […]

Lu Xiaojun 175kg Snatch World Record Video

Lu Xiaojun 175kg Snatch World Record

Thanks to the heroic effort of reader Edwin we get to see a video of Lu Xiaojun’s 175kg Snatch World Record. Also available as slow-mo-ish gif (15mb warning). Update: Here is his Lu’s 176kg Snatch World Record from the 2013 Worlds. 204kg Clean & Jerk + Celebration video, Also available as gif. 204kg Clean & Jerk + Celebration […]

Chinese Weightlifting News YouTube Channel

Lu Xiaojun Snatch Pull

Subscribe to the Weightlifting34 YouTube channel. This guy uploads a lot of the weightlifting news videos from CCTV/ CNTV. Check out this one of Lu Xiaojun with some snatchpulls and the so familiar side bends (at 3:20) Or this clip of the team getting ready for London.

Lu Xiaojun’s Weibo Photos

Lu Xiajun 370kg Half Squat

So by now you’ve probably seen the photos of Lu Xiaojun’s Weibo (Chinese Twitter clone) floating around on various forums (thanks to everybody who submitted these). At first I didn’t post about them because I wanted to know more about their background to understand what’s going on. Thanks to peteryji from the forum who shed some […]