Lu Xiaojun 175kg Snatch + 200kg Clean & Jerk 2014 Asian Games *Update* Short Interview

Lu Xiaojun 175kg Snatch + 200kg Clean & Jerk 2014 Asian Games *Update* Interview Needs Translation

Meanwhile in Korea … at the 2014 Asian Games. Here are Lu Xiaojun’s lifts from the 77kg Session: It started out pretty normal. He went 3/3 in the Snatch with 165, 170 and 175. All lifts very solid. In the Clean & Jerk however he missed his first two attempts at 200kg! Luckily he made his […]

Lu Xiaojun Documentary + Interview with English Subtitles

lu xiaojung documentary portrait biography

Thanks to Ma Strength we get some subtitles on a short Lu Xuaojun documentary and a longer interview he did on CCTV. The first video is  more like a quick portrait, but nevertheless sheds some light on how and when he started weightlifting. (Spoiler: He started with 13 and not 19, as was the rumor). Transcript In […]

Current Snatch and Clean & Jerk World Records

Current Snatch World Records

Here is a compilation of the current men’s Snatch World Records. Update 18.11.2014: Updated videos with world records set at the 2014 Worlds Snatch Records Clean & Jerk Records 56kg: 138 kg Halil Mutlu 62kg: 153 kg Shi Zhiyong 69kg: 165 kg Georgi Markov 77kg: 176 kg Lu Xiaojun 85kg: 187 kg Andrei Rybakou 94kg: […]

Lu Xiaojun 176kg Snatch World Record (and 204kg C&J)

Lu Xiaojun 176kg Snatch World Record

Lu Xiaojun has done it again! 176kg Snatch World Record at the 2013 World Championships 77kg. Together with his 204kg Clean & Jerk (2nd attempt) this makes 380kg for a new World Record in the Total. Watch the Snatch in glorious 120 FPS slow motion (or in full speed here).

Lu Xiaojun & Liao Hui 2013 Worlds Training Hall

Lu Xiaojun & Liao Hui 2013 Worlds Training Hall

First video from the 2013 Worlds training hall comes from David Boffa. Lu Xiaojun, Liao Hui and (Tian Tao ?)at work. Muscle Snatches, Snatch High Pulls and 170kg x3 Deficit Snatch Grip Deadlifts. More: Lu Xiaojun Barbell Side Bends in the 2011 Worlds Training Hall Lu Xiaojun 160kg Snatch High Pulls Liao Hui at the 2013 Chinese […]

2013 Chinese National Games Weightlifting

Liao Hui-2013 Chinese National Games Men Weightlifting

After we saw the ladies perform on a world class level, let’s take a look at the In the 2013 Chinese National Games Men’s Weightlifting. Men +105kg Results here Ai Yunan won with 195+240 Clean & Jerk Video 105kg Results here Yang Zhe 180/215/395 Jiang Yunlong 185/210/395 (bw) 94kg Results here Li Bing 171/216/387 Liu […]

Lu Xiaojun & Liao Hui Heavy Weighted Dips & Human Flag

Liao Hui Human Flags

(Originally posted July 28, 2013) Meanwhile in China … You already know about the use of bodyweight /gymnastics exercises by Chinese weightlifters (see their weighted Handstands for example). In the video today you will see Lu Xiaojun & Liao Hui doing Human Flags and heavy Weighted Dips. Lu does dips with 75kg and Tian Tao (田涛) […]